WUU2K Trail Running

The WUU2K (pronounced 'Woo-Too-Kay') or 'Wellington Urban Ultra 2K', is a trail-running endurance event around the hills that surround Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

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Wellington City


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The WUU2k event is a 43km marathon, as well as a 62km Ultra-Marathon. There is also a team’s relay event.

The '2k' stands for the elevation over the 43km race, which is closer to 3km for the 62km.

The race is run in mid-Winter and sees 300 runners take on the tough course around the capital. There is a mix of terrain including single-track, mountain-bike trails, rocky roads, and of course - many, many hills. This is a challenging course. Please only enter if you are up for the challenge! Read the race blogs for an idea of what to expect.

The 62km event is now part of qualifying for the UTMB, and all finishers will receive three points towards their total. The 62km course is also listed on the ITRA, and finishers receive three points towards this also.

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