Tararua Mountain Race

Challenge yourself in one of the oldest mountain races in New Zealand; a one-day trail running race held over the Southern Crossing.


Kaitoke to Ōtaki Forks


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The Tararua Mountain Race is one of New Zealand's oldest mountain races, having first been raced in 1990. The Tararua Ranges are widely renowned in New Zealand for tough mountain terrain and weather, so the race is not for the inexperienced or faint hearted!

Traditionally the race is held over the Southern Crossing. From 2014 a new route was introduced as an alternative course along the river valleys between Kaitoke and Holdsworth - another classic Tararua tramping route.

This race traverses the Southern Crossing tramping route which is the classic Tararua route from Kaitoke to Ōtaki Forks, transforming the three-day hard tramp into a one-day mountain run of epic proportions.

The 35km event is defined by the weather conditions so extreme care is required.

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