Mini enduro - Rivenrock MTB Park

Rivenrock MTB park mini enduro is a three-stage race featuring Boulderdash, Barney Rubble and Blackberry lane.




217 Mt Holdsworth Road


+64 27 347 1337



Located in the Wairarapa, Rivenrock MTB park is only one hour’s drive or train ride from Wellington. It features a network of professionally designed and built trails to suit riders of all styles and ability.

The Rivenrock MTB Park mini enduro is a three-stage race featuring Boulderdash (intermediate), Barney Rubble (intermediate) and Blackberry Lane (difficult).

Stage one: 2km

Starting from the shuttle drop off point, race down to Boulderdash, up the short climb across the bridge then down through Boulderdash and through the jumps on Radiata Rumble.

Stage two: 3km

Starting at the beginning of Barney Rubble, riding the length of the trail before joining into the descent of Langlands loop back to the shuttle pickup.

Stage three: 2km

From the Shuttle drop off, take Blackberry Lane (recently rebuilt) down the hill. The hardest and most technical trail of the race. Race ends at the end of Langlands Loop.

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